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Spellathon Articles

The Ginger Beer Talks

IAM 69 going on 70. Rachel is nine going on 35. We met two years ago in the swimming pool of the estate where we both live. I became aware of some activity around my feet and Rachel surfaced with some world-shattering information. ``Mrs Dodd, your toenails more

Pupils Count On `mathathon' To Raise Funds For Equipment

THESE days schools have to work hard to raise money for those extra things that make schools a better place to work and learn. Mount Hutton Public School took the opportunity in August to hold its first `Mathathon'. The event raised money for new mathematics equipment for more

Caught On The Hop

There's a small, freckle-faced boy standing on our front doorstep. It's Rhys from round the corner. He shifts apprehensively in his school shoes. "Missus, can you give me 10 bucks?" "Why?" I reply suspiciously. "To sponsor me." Rhys thrusts a piece of paper